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Paint Machinery

High Speed Disperser

High Speed Disperser is Suitable for Paint, Pigment, Dyestuff, Coating Printing Ink, for mixing, Dispersing, grinding

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High Speed Stirrer

This type of machine consist of a motor of reputed make. All contact parts will comprise of S.S 304 material. It will have a protecting cage with two

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Ball Mill

Ball Mill are used for Grinding and milling, Partical Size Reduction for various product like Paint, Pigment, and allied chemical.

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Pug Mill/ Pug Mixer

Pug mill or Pug Mixer Uses for Various type of Mixing and Blending of Powder, Chemical, Paint, Putty and many other chemical, liquid, Solids, Solid liquid.

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Sigma Kneader

This machine has a double 'U' shaped container welded together inside which rotates 2 (two) 'Z' type sigma blades in opposite directions of each other sigma mixer blade.

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The Vertical Bead Mill is fed with the material from the bottom of the chamber and again out from higher part of the chamber. Due to its specific gravity, the grinding beads move all the way down to form an improved circulation. After that the raw materials in forced from a very narrow space and blown by high speed accelerated beads.

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bead mill for paint and pigment