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Horizontal Rectangular High Pressruer Steam Sterilizer

Horizontal Rectangular Autoclave have inner chamber of Stainless Steel, Boiler, Lid and Jacket - all made of 304 grade stainless Steel, outer chamber of thick gauge mild steel. For controlling sterilization cycle, a three way valve or a multiport valve - made of S.S. is provided. It is supplied complete with vacuum breaker, water level indicator, steam trap and automatic pressure control switch. The whole unit is mounted on a robust tubular stand. It is available in the following standard sizes. Operatable on 3 Phases, 440 Volts A.C. Supply. Single Phase optional on request.

In our medical sterilizer horizontal autoclave is available in triple-walled (jacketed). Triple-walled execution is preferably used in hospitals for sterilization of all goods, suitable for the dressing drums size up to 12x15 Inches especially of infectious garbage & laboratory waste. The garbage sacks are sterilized in buckets, which are placed one above the other. Our medical sterilizer hasinner and outer wall made of heavy gauge of stainless steel and Construction of the unit totally made of 304 stainless steel heavy gauge sheet middle jacket made of brass or stainless steel and gun metal TECHNICAL DATA: Steam Working Pressure 1.26 kgf/cm2 (2.2 kgf/cm2 in case High speed sterilizer Steam Working Temperature 121oC Operating Voltage 240, single phase, AC supply, 50 Hz. Sterilization Period: 45 to 50 minutes. Radiant locking system, cold water drainage system Steam Exhaust: 5 to 7 provided with timer from 1 to 60 Min with double safety valve, steam releasing valve, pressure gauge for the pressure inside the chamber, and one pressure gauge to show the pressure of outer chamber both the chamber made of stainless steel lid of the unit made of heavy duty gun metal piece for extra safety, gasket, water level indicator to see the water inside, heavy duty power plug with socket provided with the unit, accessories: one spare element, and two gasket , our Regular sizes are 900X500, and 1050X750 other sizes are available on request.

Horizontal Rectangle autoclave are available in different models and for the suitable applications.

  •   Contact Parts : S.S.304 / 316 Quality.
  •    In case of GMP complete S.S ( Material of Construction ).
  •   Horizontal rectangular sterilizers with conventional radial arm and also with sliding doors.
  •   Double door Autoclave Sterilizer, flush mounting with door interlocking systems.

All models are available with SINGLE/DOUBLE door design except vertical which is available only with single door.