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High Speed Stirrer

high speed stirrer

This type of machine consist of a motor of reputed make. All contact parts will comprise of S.S 304 material. It will have a protecting cage with two 20 mm bar held apart by closing flat ring clamping on to the bar. The shaft will be coupled directly to the motor shaft. An extra bearing on the coupling sleeve will be provided to reduce the load on the motor bearing. lt will consist of an impeller of special design.

High Speed Stirrer Salient Features:

  •   Material of construction: SS 304/SS 316L
  •   MS/SS Jacket or limpet coil for steam heating, cooling
  •   Shaft entry sealed by oil seal, plain or water-cooled stuffing box, single or double mechanical seal
  •   High-density glass wool insulation & SS cladding can be done on demand

Our High Speed Stirrers are compact direct drive mixers used for mixing of aqueous solutions in chemical industry: Chemicals for water softening plants, soft drinks and mineral water industry; milk in dairies and creameries, perfumes, chromium and nickle plating solutions, glazes for tile manufacture, tanning chemicals, dye-stuffs liquids, essences and essential oils, thin lacquers and varnishes, brine mixing, etc.

High Speed Sitrrers are used for viscous and semi-viscous solutions in the industry and applications like gelatine and adhesives; detergent solutions; oil blending and mixing for soap works; paint mixing and blending sugar solutions in beet sugar industry; rubber latex and Chemicals; heavy pottery slips and glazes; mixing of sizes and starches; maintaining fliter and suspension; preparations of sauces, ketchups, cosmetics, baby foods, pharmaceuticals, etc. Belt driven PDS models are most suited for R & D or multi purpose mixing requirements.