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Horizontal Ribbon Blender

reaction vessel

Chemical Medicine Powder Horizontal Ribbon Mixer Stainless Steel

Product name:Horizontal Ribbon Mixer machine

Application:Chemical Medicine Powder

mateiral:SS stainless steel

Sprayer Type:Mixer/Mixing machine


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Stainless Steel 3000Ltr Double Helical Ribbon Blender U Barrel Structure

Product name:Horizontal Ribbon Mixer


Material:Stainless Steel

Screw:Double Screw

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agitator stirrer

Ribbon Blender

Ribbon blenders are widely used for homogeneous mixing of dry granules & powders. The blender comprises a 'U' shaft with two sets of spiral ribbons, one inside the other.

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Ball Mill

Ball Mill are used for Grinding and milling, Partical Size Reduction for various product like Paint, Pigment, and allied chemical. it is also come with water cooling jacket where acess heat generate by Grinding.

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Rotary Vacuum Paddle Dryer

Vacuum Tray Dryer are used where heating and drying are essential parts of manufacturing process in industries such as Chemicals, Dye stuff, Food Products, Colors etc.

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Tray Dryers

Our tray dryers are broadly used by pharmaceuticals, chemicals, dyes and food industries for the purpose of roasting, drying, heating. We are providing these trays in the model where the size ranges from 12 to 192

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High Speed Stirrer

This type of machine consist of a motor of reputed make. All contact parts will comprise of S.S 304 material. It will have a protecting cage with two 20 mm bar held apart by closing flat ring clamping on to the bar.

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Sigma Mixer

This Sigma Mixer machine has a double 'U' shaped container welded together inside which rotates 2 (two) 'Z' type sigma blades in opposite directions of each other sigma mixer blade.

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Condenser/ Heat Exchangers

Under Constructon!

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