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7000 liter Ribbon blender

ribbon blender mixer

This 7000 liter Ribbon Blender Model AE-RB is compact model used widely in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic, chemical and food industry. It is a light duty, compact blender is specially designed to achieve convention mechanism of blending powder components which are pre–processed like dried granules, pre-sieved powders etc. It is low shear mixer and ideal for solid/ solid mixing and solid/ liquid mixing can also be achieved when high shearing force is not desired. It occupies less head room space for large volume mixing unlike Double Cone, 'V' Blenders etc.

These blenders are precisely designed to impart the complete linear and radial motion for effectively mixing the homogenous material. We offer them in different configurations and can be customized as per the preferences. With an experience of over two decades in handling the various process applications in Dyes, Intermediates, Pigments, Pesticides, Fine Chemicals, Rubber Chemicals, Bulk Drugs, API and Nutraceuticals.


Special features of 7000 liter Ribbon Blender:

  • Available in two shapes - U & W.
  • U-for Low to Medium Volume Capacity (single shaft).
  • W-for Large to Mega Volume Capacity (double shaft).
  • Batch size based on 65% of Blender volume.
  • All contact parts in stainless steel 304.
  • Bearing mounted on lanterns out of mixing zone to avoid Cross contamination.
  • Feeding through a charging port mounted on top of the blender.
  • Reduced Material handling due to side discharge facility of processed materials.
  • Monoblock Design avoids Cross Contamination
  • Meets all cGMP / cGMP standards
  • Air purge on the side entry seals for better cross contamination control
  • Continuous Ribbon design for complete discharge of the finished product.
  • Variable frequency drive for fine tuning the Shear energy at different stages of Blending
  • Belt driven power transmission for Quieter environment and less maintenance.
  • Reduced material handling with Top mounted charging port and Side discharge arrangement for Total containment.
  • Bearing mounted on the lanterns outside the Mixing zone to avoid Cross contamination.
  • Paddle style agitator instead of Ribbon for Blending fragile materials.
  • Capacity available 50 Kg to 2500 Kg

Applications of Ribbon Blender Inside View:
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Nutraceutical
  • Chemical
  • Cosmetics
  • Food

Technical Specification of Ribbon Blender:

Model No. Gross Capacity (Liters) Working Capacity (Liters) Overall Dimension (mm) Motor (HP) Approx. Weight (Kgs.)
AE-RBM1 100 65 1000 800 1000 3 600
AE-RBM3 300 195 2000 1100 1100 5 1200
AE-RBM5 500 325 2500 1200 1300 7.5 1300
Ae-RBM10 1000 650 2700 1300 1800 10 2800
Ae-RBM20 2000 1300 3200 1400 2300 15 4000
AE-RBM50 5000 3250 3600 1500 2500 25 4500

Industrial Ribbon Blender Mixer

The Industrial Ribbon Blender Mixer is an efficient and versatile blending machine for mixing of dry granules & powders homogeneously. Approximately two third of the volume of the container of Ribbon Blender is filled to ensure proper mixing. The Ribbon Blender gives best result for mixing of dry powder & granules due to the design and shape of the mixing ribbon and product container.

industrial ribbon blender


  •   The complete assembly is mounted on a MS/ SS structureThe complete assembly is mounted on a MS/ SS structure
  •   The material is moved from side of the trough to the centre and vice versa resulting in quick & homogeneous mixing
  •   Double Helical ribbon configuration also brings material towards central bottom outlet while discharging
  •   A specially designed valve is provided at the center or butterfly valve for discharge
  •   Blending is achieved in semi-fluidized state in the upper zone of the trough when used for fine powders
  •   Ribbon Blender Machine can be provided with spray nozzles with pressure spraying system for spraying additives in blenders

GMP Model Ribbon Blender  Salient features:

  •   All contact parts in SS 304/ SS 316 quality
  •   ribbon Blender comes in Standard and GMP models specially designed flush type outlet valve or
  •   butterfly valve (optional)
  •   Top cover with acrylic sheet
  •   The cover is connected to limit switch for the safety purpose
  •   Machine automatically stops as soon as the cover is opened during the operation
  •   Shaft sealing at inside and out side with Teflon bush and SS stuffing box
  •   Solid stainless steel end covers and frame work on the trough in even standard models for long trouble
  •   free life of the Ribbon Blender Machine.
  •   Process control panel with batch timer and cyclic timer for reverse & forward direction of ribbon
  •   Spray nozzles with pressure spraying system for spraying additives in blenders during process
  •   Cooling or heating jacket can be provided for special uses such as crystallizing or drying
  •   Variable speed drive and two speed motors can be provided on demand


Technical specification

Working volume Liters Gross volume Liters. Through Diameter Size in mm Length Overall Depth Overall Height Approx Overall Length Approx Overall Width Approx Motor H.P. R.P.M
600 ltrs 1000 ltrs 750 1700 900 1800 3400 900 7.5 30/40
1000 ltrs 1600 ltrs 900 2000 1000 1900 3800 1050 10 30/40
2000 ltrs 3500 ltrs 1200 2500 1300 2200 4300 1350 15 30/40
3000 ltrs 5000 ltrs 1350 2750 1475 2400 4550 1500 20 30/40
4000 ltrs 6580 ltrs 1450 3200 1550 2600 4900 1600 20 30/40
5000 ltrs 8040 ltrs 1500 3600 1650 2700 5300 1650 25 20
6000 ltrs 9600 ltrs 1600 4000 1700 2750 5700 1750 30 25
7500 ltrs 12000 ltrs 1700 4400 1850 2900 6600 1850 40 25

Pharma Ribbon Blender

Ribbon Blender GMP Model

Gmp Ribbon Blender with Chopper