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Pharmaceutical Blender

pharmaceutical blender

Pharmaceutical Ribbon Blender is preferred in wet & dry powder mixing. Thanks specifically to the sharp blades; it mixes both solid and liquid materials with high speed. Fabricated using SS 304L and SS 316L materials, Pharmaceutical Blender has rugged construction with the elegant finish. The machine has the ability to resistant against corrosion. The modern Pharmaceutical Blender has 5 to 5,000 Liters volumetric capacities. The easy cleanable and fitting rotor makes it very user-friendly. Available in numerous modes, it is designed to meet every expectation.


  • 5 to 5,000 volumetric capacities
  • SS 304L and SS 316L materials
  • Rugged construction with the elegant finish
  • Available in numerous modes
  • Ideal in wet & powder mixing

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